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How to purchase

1 Use the standard package cart you find at the purchase page.

2 Choose the amount of referrals you need.

3 Enter your referral URL.

4 Complete the payment.

5 Your orders will be processed within 24 hours.

6 Sit and watch your direct referral list grow.

Steps you need to follow after purchase

1 Send us the daily report about the referrals you receive. (copy paste or send snap shot)

2 Your report will be compared with our data and if eligible you will be considered for receiving referrals the next day.

3 If you fail to send your report on a particular day, you will not receive any referrals the next day. so send your report without fail.

4 If you fail to send your report for 3 consecutive days, your pack will be closed and will be considered that you have received your purchased referrals.

(Important:The site for which you purchase referrals must be free to register and accept members from all countries.We do not accept following PTC sites- , and any other with more than 500.000members.)

Referral packages and prices

10 direct referrals- 5$.

25 direct referrals- 12$

50 direct referrals- 23$

100 direct referrals- 40$

unlimited referrals pack for 90 days -150$

We accept paypal,perfectmoney and bitcoin as payment options.


direct referrals
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CoinGate Payment Button

coinpayments only 50 direct referrals pack available.NOTE.. put your referral link in a field "Note to Seller"

perfectmoney 12$ for 25 referrals

bitpay 40$ for 100 referrals