Frequently Asked Questions / Terms

1. Can i buy direct referrals for all sites ?.

We do not accept following PTC sites- , and any other with more than 500.000members.

The site for which you purchase referrals must be free to register, content must be in English,

accept members from all countries, should not charge any money automatically after trial period,

should not force the users to download or install software's, should be a link of the signup website

and no redirects, rotatorsetc., ,should not have Adult content or any illegal activities. we do not

accept such sites.

2. I have completed a purchase. when will you start my order ?.

Orders will be started with in one working day.

Sunday is a holiday. So purchases completed on Saturday will be started on Monday

3. What should i do after completing purchase ?.

While starting your order, we will intimate you through mail.

After receiving our mail, you should send your daily report every day till your order is completed.

4. I have not received any mail from you after purchase ?.

We will send mail to the buyer's email mentioned on the paypal receipt.

Make sure that the mail mentioned on the paypal receipt is active.

In some cases, our mail might have been detected as spam and would have been moved to spam folder or deleted automatically by mail providers.

If you have not received any mail from us with in 48hrs from the time of your purchase, you are welcome to contact us through support ticket to know about your status.

5. I have received a mail from you saying that my order has been started but i have not received any referrals from you ?.

Some times chances are there that you might not have received any referrals the first day. In such cases send your report as "no referrals received today" in order to receive referrals the next day.

If you fail to send your daily report for 3 continuous days, your promotion activity gets stopped and the order will be closed.

6. Will i receive a reply from your support staff for the daily reports?.

Priority is given to support tickets which has query and needs a reply. Depending on the work load our support staff replies to daily reports.

Some of your daily reports may not receive a reply from our support staff due to excess work load.

7. How to increase the daily number of referrals received from you ?.

We will explain how our system works so that you can understand.

Consider for example that "Buyer A" has bought 1000 referrals and "Buyer B" has bought 2000 referrals pack.

"Buyer A" will receive half the percentage of the quantity of referrals "Buyer B" receives.

If "Buyer A" receives 10 referrals, "Buyer B" will receive 20 referrals.

Most of our buyers top up their quantity to increase the number of referrals received per day.

So the more referrals you buy, the more referrals you will receive per day.

8. I once received direct referrals but now even if i keep sending daily reports every day, i am not receiving referrals ?.

May be you might have purchased a low quantity of referrals for a most popular site and many buyers would have completed the purchase.

So you need to compete with them to receive referrals.

Try top up of your quantity by completing another purchase of higher numbers.

Please read question number 6 to understand this answer.

9. If i am not satisfied with your service, can i get a refund of my money?.

You can request a refund of your money only through support ticket till Advertising planning / SEO status is displayed as "In process" in the order tracking system. We will subtract the administration charges, charges for offered services, fees and will issue the refund.

After SEO status attains "Completed" status in the order tracking system, you are not eligible to request refund.

Since we are offering a service which is virtual / Intangible ,purchased services do not require shipping or physical delivery. if you complete a purchase on our website you agree to obey our terms.